Core Values

Homer Glen Composite of Images

Rural Atmosphere: Concern for Environment

  • Preserving the rural atmosphere and protecting the environment are essential to safeguarding the appearance and character of Homer Glen.
  • Homer Glen's rural atmosphere is characterized by open space, agricultural settings, and the presence of large lots with horses and other domestic farm animals.
  • Protecting the environment is important to the health and well being of Homer Glen citizens.
  • Safeguarding areas of significant natural value, promoting the re-establishment of native vegetation, protecting and managing water resources, and providing wildlife corridors are fundamental environmental protections.
  • Understanding the agricultural roots and historical background of our geographic area will enrich the community and further clarify the need for preserving our rural atmosphere.

Managed Growth Density: Commercial Base Development

  • Responsible residential and commercial development protects quality of life by limiting adverse effects such as school overcrowding, flooding, road congestion, poor water quality and other environmental problems.
  • The highest priority in land-use decisions should be to protect residents from adverse impacts of differing land use patterns.
  • The Village of Homer Glen and its citizens benefit from commercial development that is consistent with the Village's Comprehensive Plan.

Inclusion - A Sense of Community: Limit Intrusive Government

  • Involvement of residents ensures an effective, representative, responsive government.
  • Promoting and encouraging the participation of all community members ensures the concerns of all are represented and respected.
  • Homer Glen residents benefit from a safe, family-oriented community by maintaining and enhancing educational, recreational and cultural opportunities. Pursuing alternative methods for funding these objectives without burdening taxpayers is a priority.
  • Homer Glen officials are entrusted to provide balance and stability while operating the Village in the least restrictive manner feasible.
  • A fiscally accountable government is needed to protect the interests of Homer Glen taxpayers.