Common Regulations

Some common regulations in effect in Homer Glen can be accessed by clicking on the links below. Please contact Village Hall for additional information on these and other regulations.
  1. Animal Control

    In the event an animal is deemed a public nuisance, the owner of the animal shall be issued a citation by the Code Enforcement Officer or Sheriff's Department.

  2. Block Party

    The Village of Homer Glen requires a permit for block parties. Find the permit application required for block parties.

  3. Curfew Hours

    The Village of Homer Glen has nightly curfews for minors to keep them safe and off the streets.

  4. Excessive Weed & Grass Growth

    The Village has created an ordinance regarding the regulation of residential grass growth.

  5. Garage Sale Permits

    The Village of Homer Glen does not require a permit for garage sales but has rules regulating sign usage.

  6. Political Signs

    Rules governing the hanging of temporary signs, such as political signs, should be observed and followed.

  7. Snow Season Parking

    View the winter parking ban, snow parking ordinances, our snow plowing priority schedule, and a list of street the Highway Department does not plow.

  8. Solicitation in the Village of Homer Glen

    Read the ordinance regulating solicitation in the Village of Homer Glen.

  9. Special Events Permit

    Find the documents needed to host a special event in the village.

  10. Tobacco Licensing & Cannabis Possession

    All vendors selling tobacco and tobacco related products within the Village of Homer Glen are required to obtain a license.