Road Construction Update

Major Road Improvement Projects

Will County Roads

Projects controlled by Will County:

  • Proposed 143rd Street Improvements - Lemont Road (State Street) to Bell Road - a continuous four lane roadway section with a mountable median, curb and gutter, and storm sewers to be constructed to match the adjacent sections of 143rd Street at Lemont Road (westernmost limits, completed in 2014) ad at Bell Road (easternmost limits, construction begins 2018).
  • Bell Road Project - A new 4 lane road with double left hand turn lanes at 143rd Street. There are still several parcels of land that need to be acquired before construction can begin. This project is broken down into 4 phases:

    • 159th Street to 151st Street – Utility relocations are ongoing. Roadwork and staging for traffic is expected to start by Summer/Fall 2023.
    • 151st Street to 143rd Street – Estimated start date at this time is January 2024.
    • 143rd Street and Bell Road Intersection – The project is expected to start in the spring of 2024 but is contingent on utility relocations.
    • 143rd Street to 135th Street - Project will begin once the 143rd and Bell Road intersection is complete. The intersection improvements will extend west from Bell Road to near Golden Oak Drive.
  • Parker Road/Chicago-Bloomington Trail/Hadley Road/167th Street) from US 6 to Will-Cook Road Project - The Will County Division of Transportation has begun a study of CH 1 (Parker Road/Chicago-Bloomington Trail/Hadley Road/167th Street) from US 6 to Will-Cook Road.  The impetus of this study is two-fold, safety and pavement life.  The roadway pavement is nearing the end of its useful life. In addition, the roadway currently has narrow pavement, little to no shoulders, drainage issues, and sight distance issues.  The study was started to determine the appropriate treatment to bring the roadway up to current standards, improve the drainage, and improve the sight distance issues. The County is currently in the early stages of the project, just recently having begun data collection.  In the coming months, the County will be reaching out to the Village for initial meetings and sometime in the summer they will be scheduling the first of the public involvement opportunities.  Additionally, the County’s consultant is working on a project website that will go live prior to the first public meeting.

Local Homer Glen Roads

Projects controlled by the Village of Homer Glen and/or the Highway Department:

  • 159th Street - Winter scheduling and completion date estimates to follow in September, 2018.
  • Route 6  - IDOT will be removing trees and shrubs along the Right-of-Way on Route 6 between Haas Road and Spring Meadow Drive this fall. The project should take less than two weeks to complete and lane closures should be expected.
  • 135th and Archer Avenue - The project is essentially complete although they are waiting for ComEd to provide power to the new traffic signals before they can be turned on. No time schedule has been provided from ComEd.
  • Parker Road  - The Road has been closed between Shoshoni Drive and Seminole Trail for the installation of a new box culvert. It is expected to remain closed at least through September 7. There are no other major road projects in our immediate area scheduled for the near future. Any future projects are in concept phase or phase one engineering.

ROAD CONSTRUCTION UPDATE from Homer Township Road District September 4, 2018: Parker Road closure is expected to continue into next week. The timeline is greatly affected by rainfall as this is a creek crossing.

State of Illinois Roads

Projects controlled by the Illinois Department of Transportation:

  • 159th Street - Major widening from 2 lanes to 4 lanes with a 28-foot median, double turn lanes, new traffic signals, street lighting at major intersections, overhead and underground utility relocation and drainage projects have begun. For more information please visit IDOT.
  • Archer Avenue - The bridge over Long Run Creek will be rebuilt to 4 lanes, sometime in the near future, with new detention added to the south of Archer Avenue across from the nearby mall.

Illinois Department of Transportation Claim Form (PDF).