Agreement Benefits

NuWay Benefits

The Village-wide agreement provides a number of benefits to Homer Glen residents:

  • Reduced refuse collection and disposal costs for virtually all residential customers. The quarterly rate for single-family residential properties will be $62.77 per quarter. It is estimated customers will save from 9.1% to 41.7% over current rates.
  • Elimination of any fuel surcharges, which tend to increase refuse bills.
  • Known refuse cost increases for the next 5 years.
  • A Senior Citizen discount of $1.50 per month.
  • Elimination of trucks from multiple garbage haulers on Village streets. This should save wear and tear on Village streets.
  • Elimination of multiple refuse collection days in the same neighborhood. This should improve the appearance of many neighborhoods.
  • The provision of take-all (or unlimited) refuse, recycling, and yard waste service to all residents. Currently, many Homer Glen residents do not have recycling service. It is expected that recycling will increase substantially, thereby reducing the amount of refuse going to landfills and facilitating the reuse of many materials, such as paper, aluminum, glass, and petroleum-based plastics.
  • The provision of unlimited yard waste service should reduce the burning of leaves and other yard waste, thereby improving air quality and facilitating the recycling of yard waste into useable compost. It is more environmentally conscious to compost yard waste than to burn it.
  • The elimination of yard waste stickers.
  • The provision of covered, wheeled carts for refuse, recyclables, and yard waste. The use of wheeled-carts makes it easier to move refuse materials to the curb or other pickup locations. Covers protect the materials from the affects of weather and reduce wind blown debris.
  • Free service for Village facilities and parks, or equivalent compensation.
  • Funding for special recycling events, such as hazardous wastes and electronics.
  • Funds for the Village to administer the agreement and to deal with refuse related complaints and problems.
  • The Village will receive 50% from the sale of recyclables. Thus, the more Homer Glen residents recycle, the greater Homer Glen's share of the recycling proceeds. Income from the sale of recyclables is expected to assist the Village in funding environmental projects.

Start-Up Packet

Prior to the start-up of Village-wide service, NuWay will distribute an information packet to all residences. Information will also be provided on the NuWay and Village websites. For customers of other refuse contractors, it will not be necessary to contact NuWay to initiate service. Start-up of service will be automatic.