Property Tax

Homer Township Assessor
Property in Homer Glen is assessed by the Homer Township Assessor, Karen Szynkowski, she can be reached at 708-301-8166.

Will County Collector
Visit the Will County Collector's website to view a detailed explanation about property tax bills in general.

Property Search
To find a Property Index Number (PIN) use the Will County PIN Search.

Typical Taxing Bodies
If you have questions about property tax levied by a specific taxing body, please contact that particular taxing body. The Village of Homer Glen has not levied a municipal property tax since its incorporation in 2001. Some of the typical taxing bodies that may appear on a Homer Glen property tax bill are listed below. Please refer to your tax bill for more information.
  • Community College District 525
  • Elementary School Districts
  • Fire Districts
  • Forest Preserve District
  • High School District 205
  • Homer Township Public Library
  • Homer Township Road Funds
  • Homer Township Town Funds
  • Village of Homer Glen Road and Bridge Funds
  • Will County Building Commission
  • Will County