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The Village launched its first National Citizen Survey in April, 2017. The National Citizen Survey is the premier survey service from the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) and National Research Center, Inc. Survey questions are intended to measure eight aspects of community livability: community engagement, education and enrichment, recreation and wellness, economy, built environment, natural environment, safety and mobility. Several questions also seek resident's opinions on future priorities for the Village. The survey also includes a series of demographic questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

View Frequently Asked Questions regarding the survey (PDF).

Presentation of Key Findings

View a presentation (PDF) of key findings that was given at the Administration and Finance Committee meeting on July 12, 2017.

Survey Results

Community Livability Report (PDF)
The most universal report, summarizing all the results and key findings of the survey.

Technical Appendices (PDF)
Includes the details about survey methods, individual response options selected for each question and detailed reuslts of both the national benchmark comparison and the custom benchmark comparison.

Geographic Crosstabs Report (PDF)
Discusses difference in opinion of residents by Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast geographic areas.

Demographic Crosstabs Report (PDF)
Discusses difference in opinion of survey respondents by age, gender, race, housing tenure and housing type.

Supplemental Web Results Report (PDF)
This report contains the results of the web-based opt-in survey. These results were reported separately and not included in the main scientific survey.