The National Citizen Survey

​The Village launched its first National Citizen Survey in April, 2017. The National Citizen Survey is the premier survey service from the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) and National Research Center, Inc. Survey questions are intended to measure eight aspects of community livability: community engagement, education and enrichment, recreation and wellness, economy, built environment, natural environment, safety and mobility. Several questions also seek resident's opinions on future priorities for the Village. The survey also includes a series of demographic questions.  

​Frequently Asked Questions 

Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions regarding the survey. 

Survey Results 

Survey results will be compiled in a final report from National Research Center, Inc. in July, 2017. 

Opt-In Web Survey 

For those households that were not selected to participate, an opt-in web survey will be conducted from May 24 through June 7. Results from this survey will likely be reported separately from the scientific, random-sampled survey. If the response rate is strong, it is possible that the opt-in survey results could be incorporated into the scientific random-sampled survey results.