The Parks and Recreation Committee meets on the fourth Monday of each month.

Please check meeting calendars and agendas to confirm date, time, and location of meetings.

As required by the State of Illinois Open Meetings Act, agendas and notices are posted on this website and at Village Hall no later than 48 hours before a meeting. Meetings are open to the public.  Some meetings may include time for public comment and will be noted as such on the agenda.  Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed with the required notice given.



  • Trustee Marcia De Vivo, Chairman
  • Ed Cryer, Member
  • Kevin Hoffmeister, Member
  • Dale Janssen, Member
  • Ron Jonites, Member
  • Cassandra Courtright, Member
  • Sondra Vickery, Member
  • Scott Chance, Staff Liaison
  • Mayor Jim Daley, Ex-Officio