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Economic Activity Overview

Incorporated April 17, 2001, the Village of Homer Glen is strategically positioned in northeastern Will County, 25 miles southwest of downtown Chicago. Homer Glen is an upscale suburban gem offering a unique blend of open space, beautiful residential developments and vibrant commercial corridors with significant commercial growth potential. The median income in the Village of Homer Glen is over $99,000. Homer Glen is one of Will County's largest municipalities, currently encompassing approximately 22 square miles. Ultimately, the Village has the opportunity to grow to about 25 square miles.

Homer Glen is home to a variety of local businesses and nationally recognized brands. Economic development activity is occurring in the Village’s primary east-west oriented commercial corridors of 143rd Street and 159th Street (both roadways have interchanges with I-355) and the north-south oriented connecting arterial, Bell Road. The State of Illinois and Will County are preparing to invest over $100 million in planned road improvements to widen all three primary commercial corridors to four lanes. These roadway improvements, needed to accommodate projected traffic increases, will further enhance Homer Glen’s attractiveness for development. The I-355 Veteran’s Memorial Tollway South Extension links I-55 south to I-80 on the western edge of the community. The Comprehensive Plan envisions that area for upscale business parks. These business parks are expected to provide job opportunities and help build tax revenues.

Residential development within the Village ranges from subdivisions with lots of one-third acre in size to subdivisions with lots larger than an acre. Large lot rural estates and small family farms also exist within the northwestern and southeastern portions of the Village.

Homer Glen’s gently rolling terrain is dotted with prairie grasses, stands of trees and cultivated fields. The Village has two 18-hole golf courses. The Forest Preserve District of Will County has over 1,300 acres of land within the Village, including the Forest Preserve District's only equestrian trail.

The Village of Homer Glen has created a strategically inspired commercial development plan. This plan allows the Village to embrace growth along its high traffic corridors while elsewhere preserving the open space, natural resources and semi-rural character that have made it so attractive.

The Village of Homer Glen has implemented business-friendly improvements to the municipal approval process. The facilitation provided by Village staff means more efficiency for opening new businesses and initiating development projects in Homer Glen. Please contact us today to learn more about business and development opportunities in Homer Glen.

For more information regarding economic development opportunities in the Village of Homer Glen, please click here: Business Connect.


Demographics (2010 Census)

Homer Glen is one of Will County's largest municipalities.  Upon incorporation, the Village encompassed about 19.9 square miles.  Currently (2012), the Village encompasses approximately 22.17 square miles.  Ultimately, the Village has the opportunity to increase to about 25 square miles, with the current boundary agreements that are in place.

Based upon the 2010 Census data, the Village’s total population is 24,220.  Homer Glen has 8,389 housing units, with an average of 3.00 residents per household.  About 95% of the homes in the Village are owner occupied.

The median income in Homer Glen is $99,735.  Over 94% of Village residents aged 25 years or older are high-school graduates, with 37% of those residents holding a bachelor’s degree or higher.  The median age in Homer Glen is 42.8 years old.

Median Household Income: $99,735
Median Owner-Occupied Housing Value: $347,000
Population, 2010: 24,220
Population, 2012 Estimate: 24,363
Bachelor’s Degree or Higher, Ages 25+: 37.1%
Housing Units: 8,389

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Major Employers in Homer Glen


Community Life

The Village is served by three excellent grade school districts, which feed into Lockport Township High School. Three Fire Protection Districts provide unparalleled service for the residents.  The Homer Township Library actively searches out and receives grants to benefit all residents, from youth through seniors.

In 1988, the Homer Township residents approved a referendum to purchase open space for recreational, environmental and educational uses.  The Township maintains a number of athletic fields, as well as neighborhood parks.

Volunteer athletic associations provide organized activities for football, cheerleading, baseball, and soccer.  A new privately owned roller rink further enhances children's choices of indoor soccer and roller hockey.  Recently, the local high school won the State football championship for the second year in a row, and a number of those football players were players in these athletic associations.

Homer Glen has an extensive network of resident volunteers who donate their time, effort and resources to the Village.  Because the Village of Homer Glen does not levy a municipal property tax, volunteers are an integral part of maintaining additional services to the community.


Public Services

Following one of the core values of the Village ("A fiscally accountable government is needed to protect the interests of Homer Glen taxpayers") Homer Glen has taken the approach of contracting with a number of public and private entities to provide many of the traditional municipal services:

  • Police services are provided through a contract with Will County Sheriff's Department.
  • All public works functions, including maintenance of 109 miles of streets, bridge maintenance, snowplowing, storm water drainage maintenance etc., are provided to the citizens of Homer Glen though a contract with the Homer Township Highway Department.
  • Fire and Emergency Services are provided by four separate Fire Protection Districts:
      * Homer Fire Protection District
      * Mokena Fire Protection District
      * New Lenox Fire Protection District
      * Northwest Homer Fire Protection District
  • Water and Sanitary Sewer service is provided by Illinois American Water Company in those areas of the Village that can be served by water mains.

The Municipal Organization

Homer Glen is a home-rule municipality governed by a Village President, commonly called Mayor, and by a Board of Trustees, all of whom are elected at large to overlapping four-year terms.  The village manager position was created by ordinance.  The village manager makes recommendations to the Village Board on measures deemed appropriate, prepares and proposes the annual budget, and keeps the Village fully informed on the Village's financial condition.


Comprehensive Plan

The Village completed its first Comprehensive Plan in 2005.  This blueprint will ensure that future growth, development and improvements are compatible with the character of the community.  The Comprehensive Plan places importance on abundant open space, preservation of environmentally sensitive corridors, supporting tracts of agricultural land, and estate lifestyles in the western portion of the Village and blending commerce and residential lifestyles in the eastern portion of the Village.


Green Vision

In May 2002 the Village of Homer Glen was one of sixteen communities in Illinois to be awarded the Green Communities Demonstration Grant.  The Green Communities Demonstration Grant Steering Committee was formed in Homer Glen and soon began Homer Glen's Green Vision Program.  The two-year grant process emphasized and relied heavily on input from the stakeholders of the Homer Glen community.  In 2005, the Homer Glen Board of Trustees formally adopted the Green Vision Statement and Goals for the Village of Homer Glen.