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New Businesses Are Opening Up All Over the Village of Homer Glen

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Shop Homer Glen

Sales tax revenue allows the Village of Homer Glen to operate without a municipal property tax.

Sales tax accounts for more than 1/3 of the revenue received by the village.  Sales tax revenue supports:

  • Police protection
  • Road improvements
  • Flooding mitigation
  • Park acquisition and maintenance
  • Community development initiatives

Shop Homer Glen and a percentage of the sales tax collected is returned directly to the Village of Homer Glen and to Will County

Shop Homer Glen and reduce the tax burden of homeowners.  Local businesses pay property taxes to our schools, library, fire and other taxing districts in the community lessening the cost of providing services to our residents

Shop Homer Glen and support community organizations. Local businesses are frequent sponsors of our local sports teams and non-profit groups.  They donate time, material, and money to a number of valuable community organizations including HAC, Homer Soccer, Homer Stallions, Homer Glen Foundation, and our school foundations.  These organizations would not be able to provide the same level of service without business sponsors.

Shop Homer Glen and create local jobs. Homer Glen businesses provide jobs for Homer Glen residents—permanent and part time. Many part time jobs are filled by our youth saving money for college. Many of the faces behind the cash registers are friends and neighbors.

Shop Homer Glen and boost the local economy.  Business encourages more business as successful companies will attract more commercial growth to our village.  Additionally, employees of local businesses are likely to spend money on products and services in Homer Glen.  They purchase gas, eat meals, and shop in our stores resulting in additional revenue returning to the community.

Shop Homer Glen and help the environment.  Products such as those sold at local farmstands do not have to be shipped long distance.  With local shopping, customers and service providers do not have to drive as far to conduct business thus reducing fuel emissions.

Residents will benefit when they invest wisely and shop Homer Glen.

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