Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

The emerald ash borer (EAB) is a small, metallic green, non-native invasive pest whose larvae feast on the trunks of ash trees thereby cutting off their ability to transport nutrients and ultimately causing the tree’s decline. The emerald ash borer only attacks ash trees and is a devastating and destructive pest that greatly affects the urban forest. Ash trees can be infested with EAB for a few years before the tree begins to demonstrate any signs of EAB infestation.


Symptoms of EAB include:

  • Canopy dieback
  • D-shaped exit holes
  • Shoots sprouting from the tree trunks
  • S-shaped larval galleries underneath the bark

Tree Removal

The EAB has been found in several Homer Glen subdivisions. To date, the Village, in cooperation with the Homer Township Highway Department have removed over a 100 EAB infected trees from Village owned parkways. EAB infected ash trees on private property are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Schedule an Inspection

If you have a parkway ash tree that is exhibiting the symptoms listed above, please contact Chris Camardo or 708-301-0632, ext. 110 to schedule a parkway tree inspection with the Village’s certified Arborist. If the Village’s Arborist has marked a parkway tree for removal, the Homer Township Highway Department will take down the diseased tree. At this time, the Village will not be removing healthy looking ash trees from the parkways.

Village's Public Parkway Tree Replacement Program

In 2014, the Village of Homer Glen began a public parkway tree replacement program. Those public parkway trees that have been removed by the Homer Township Road District, at the request of the Village, due to disease, infestation or storm damage are eligible for replacement. The Public Parkway Tree Replacement Program is provided at no direct costs, charges or fees to residents for the tree purchase or labor for planting the tree. For further details regarding this program, please read the Mayor and Village Board Standard Operating Procedure Number 11 (PDF). Any questions regarding this program can be emailed to Community Relations Coordinator Sue Steilen.