Tree Memorial and Marker Program

Program Description

The Village of Homer Glen’s Memorial Tree and Marker Program provides the opportunity for family and friends to dedicate a tree and a long-lasting marker to commemorate a loved one. These can be purchased for many occasions including, but not limited to, the memory of someone who has passed, in honor of a service member, a birthday celebration, a graduation, or any other occasion. Such dedications will not only provide a lasting memory, but also will help beautify Village parks.

Program Application

Tree Dedication

A list of seven (7) tree species has been recommended for planting. This list is subject to change based on staff recommendations, planting site and nursery availability. These trees will measure 2” at the time of planting unless a multi-stem variety is chosen by the applicant. While all tree types and locations must obtain final decision by Village of Homer Glen staff, every effort will be made to accommodate the donor’s requests. Once planted, staff will provide the location and a photo of the dedication to the applicant. 

Recommended Tree Species List: 

  • American Hornbeam
  • Red Maple
  • Linden
  • Oak Species
  • Norway Spruce
  • Hackberry
  • Eastern Redbud
  • Other Preferred Species may be requested. 

Tree Marker

The applicant may choose to include a lasting tree marker to be installed at the base of the dedicated tree. These markers consist of a bronze plaque that measures 8" x 6" and one of two (2) mounting options: 1) Bronze plaque set in concrete or 2) 

Program Cost

  • Option 1: Tree Only, no marker ($300)
  • Option 2: Marker Only* - Bronze plaque set in concrete ($500), note: marker will be placed near an existing tree
  • Option 3: Tree and Marker - Bronze plaque set in concrete ($800)
  • Option 4: Tree and Marker - Bronze plaque set in stone ($1,800)

Program Details

  1. Memorial tree and marker dedications will be located on Village property and maintained by Village staff. Contributions do not entitle the applicant to ownership of such memorial.
  2. Memorial decorations will not be permitted on or around trees. For safety and maintenance purposes, decorative items will be removed from the site by Village staff.
  3. No ashes (human or animal remains) are permitted.
  4. Applications will be accepted and reviewed year-round. Trees can only be installed in spring or fall. Staff will make every effort to honor the donor’s request in a timely fashion.
  5. The Village of Homer Glen reserves the right to relocate memorials at any time. If an item requires relocation, Village staff will contact the donor to provide alternate locations.
  6. The memorial tree and marker dedications are guaranteed for 10-years, in which any damage to such donations will be restored by Village Staff. In the case of damage after the 10-year guarantee, applicants have the option to replace dedications at the price set by the program at the time of replacement. Replacement trees during the warranty period will be funded through the Tree Replacement Fund.