Planning & Zoning Department


Planning and Zoning Department within the Village of Homer Glen focuses on land uses, current and future, their locations within the Village, and administration of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, the Zoning chapter of the Village Code, and all applicable Zoning District regulations. Staff provides information to residents, developers, Village Board, Plan Commission concerning land use, zoning, site development and other land development related activities.

Development Review Guide

The Development Review Guide (PDF) details the various processes from variances to land subdivisions for your use and reference. This includes general information, community telephone numbers, and an explanation of the processes or various requests from Planned Unit Developments (PUD) to building permits.

Zoning and Site Development Application

A fillable  Zoning and Site Development Application (PDF) is available online for your use. Planning and Zoning Department reviews the following annexation and zoning requests: 

  • Annexations relating to new developments and businesses within the Village
  • Map Amendments
  • Planned Unit Developments
  • Plats of Subdivisions and Re-subdivisions
  • Special Use Permits
  • Variances

The review of these requests focuses on compliance with Village Code and the Comprehensive Plan.  The application typically requires a public hearing before the Plan Commission who then forwards a recommendation onto the Village Board who ultimately acts on the application.

Zoning Map

An updated 2023 Zoning Map (PDF) is available online for your use and reference. This map will help you to determine the zoning of any property in the Village.

GIS Mapping

GIS data viewers are offered that include information on Available Properties and Land Use.  Residents and prospective businesses can use these interactive viewers to locate properties and find basic information - a first line of response to public inquires.Land Use Viewer Opens in new windowAvailable Properties Opens in new window

Village Code

View an online version of the Village Code, which includes chapters on Zoning, Tree Preservation, Lighting, and Water Resource Management. The online Code allows you the ability to review Village regulations prior to contacting the Village regarding the project you are considering.

Permit Reviews

Planning and Zoning staff also reviews locations of residential patios, decks, garages, and other similar permits to ensure compliance with the Zoning chapter of the Village Code and applicable Residential Zoning Districts regulations, such as setbacks and lot coverages. 

The Village has established sign regulations that limit the size, height, number, location and design of a variety of signs. These regulations have been updated in 2019 which expanded allowable sign types – a pro-business initiative – and created architectural consistency to match the building design.  


Stand-alone business logo signs are 

now permitted without a variance. 

View the updated sign code.

UPDATE: The Village Board extended the modified standards for temporary signs through December 31, 2023. No Village permit or fee is required for temporary signs but businesses are required to call in to review the temporary signage plan with staff.

Comprehensive Plan

The current Comprehensive Land Use Plan for the Village of Homer Glen was adopted in 2005 and sets forth long-range recommendations for the future growth and development within the village. The goals are to preserve, protect and enhance the community’s quality of life through responsible residential and commercial economic development. The Village strives to maintain open space, preserve the unique rural character, and safeguard the Village’s natural resources. 

The Village of Homer Glen is updating its 2005 Comprehensive Plan and Design Guidelines to provide a renewed vision and strategies to guide growth and development over the next 20 years. Building upon the Village’s 2018-21 Strategic Plan, the Comprehensive Plan Update will address core community issues such as housing, economic development, infrastructure, utilities, and potential opportunity sites. 

comp plan link

Follow the project progress and view draft 

plan at:

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Contact Us

  • Contact the Planning and Zoning Department regarding zoning applications, variances, and sign permits.
  • Contact the Building Department regarding building permits, including permits for sheds and swimming pools.
  • If you have questions or concerns regarding floodplains or flood zones, please contact the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) directly or visit their website at FEMA for more information.