Permit Process

The intent of this section is to provide some further information on the permit process within the Village of Homer Glen.   Ideally, this will assist the homeowner or business owner in determining whether a permit is required and how that permit is obtained from the Village.  

Building Permits


Depending on the type of improvements you are considering for your home or business a permit may be required.  Typical work that requires a permit but is not limited to:

  • New Residential/Commercial Building
  • Remodel-Exterior/Interior
  • Additions/Attached or Detached Garage
  • Deck/Shed/Gazebo/Covered Patio/Exterior Flatwork
  • Above & In Ground Swimming Pools
  • Roofing/Siding/Windows/Doors/Fence 
  • Signs-(permanent/temporary)

Please contact the Building Department if you are unsure if a permit is required.

Submitting A Permit

Building permits can be submitted by (1) email to or (2) in person. 

Permits for new construction or larger projects will need to be submitted in person.  


Permit Review Process

Depending on the type of permit, it may have to go through several departments for a review to make certain it meets all codes for building, zoning, and engineering.  Projects are reviewed in the order that they have been received, and the time to complete the review depends on the complexity of the project.    For example, a single-family home can take up to a month while smaller projects, such as a deck or a sign permit, might be reviewed in under 10 business days.  The review times will vary depending on the time of year and the quality of the required items submitted for review.

Permit Fees

Accepted payment types for building permit fees are Visa, Mastercard, Discover or check.  Payments over the phone can be made for most permits by calling 708-301-1301.


Permit Inspections

All permits require inspections.  The number of inspections needed and the description of the inspection depends on the type of permit.  New construction will require several inspections, but most miscellaneous permits require only a final inspection. When scheduling an inspection, we require a 24-48 hour notice.