2022 Utility Permits

Permit # 2022-3519:  Comcast near 14318 Mallard Dr.      Install replacement CATV cable between two existing CATV pedestals located in rear of 14310 - 14318 Mallard Drive. All CATV cable will be installed underground by directional boring in the same location as existing damaged cable.

Permit # 2022-3540:  ComEd near 15048 S Woodcrest      Perform switching of existing ComEd equipment for phase balancing.  Multi location - see site plan.

Permit # 2022-3561:  Illinois American Water near 14467 Creekwood Dr.     Replace B Box

Permit # 2022-3556:  Comcast near 14001 Lemont Rd.           Install new CATV service cable across Lemont Rd to provide service as requested to 14001 Lemont Rd.  All CATV cable will be installed underground by dir. bore under Lemont Rd   

Permit #  2022-2566:  ComEd near Martingale East of Bell Rd.      2 pot holes (boring holes) to determine ComEd Depth.  Landscape restoration to be completed.  

Permit # 2022-3607:   Nicor near 15960 139th Street                 (2) 5'X5' parkway openings for service replacement.  No lane closure is needed.  

Permit # 2022-3690:  ComEd near 14457 S Mallard           Replace approximately 560 feet of U/G (underground) cable using the directional bore method in existing easement/R.O.W. (right of way) and abandon old cable