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Plan Commission Application

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  3. Plan Commissioner Job Description


    Last Updated February 5, 2024


    Job SummaryThe Plan Commission, which consists of seven members, is an advisory Commission that makes recommendations to the Village Board of Trustees on a broad range of planning and zoning issues.  All members of the Plan Commission shall be residents of the Village of Homer Glen, and shall serve without compensation.  


    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    • To participate in public hearings, review and make recommendations to the Village Board regarding amendments to the zoning ordinances of the Village.
    • To participate in public hearings, review and make recommendations to the Village Board concerning a Comprehensive Plan for the present and future development or redevelopment of the Village, and to give recommendations of improvements that generally promote the realization of the official Comprehensive Plan.
    • To arrange and conduct any form of publicity relative to its activities for the general purpose of public understanding.
    • To cooperate with municipal or regional planning commissions and other agencies or groups to further the local planning program and to assure harmonious and integrated planning for the area.
    • To participate in public hearings, review and make recommendations to the Village Board concerning special uses, special use permits, variances, and planned unit developments.
    • To make recommendations to the Village Board designating land suitable for annexation to the Village and the appropriate zoning classification therefor upon such annexation.
    • To periodically review the ordinances of the Village pertaining to zoning, planning and subdivision and to make recommendations to the Village Board for the improvement thereof.
    • To review and make recommendations to the Village Board concerning such other matters as may come within its purview pursuant to law or the applicable ordinances of the Village.


    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

    Skills and abilities that, though not required, make a quality Planning Commissioner:

    • Attention to detail
    • Patience
    • Ability to think in abstract terms
    • Willingness to listen and learn
    • Willingness to contribute/speak in public forum
    • Ability to compromise and work within a team framework
    • Ability to make decisions based on the best interests of the community
    • A rudimentary understanding of the development process
    • Ability to read drawings, blueprints, and architectural plans


    Time RequirementsA minimum of two (2) nights per month, the first and third Thursday of each month, attending Planning Commission Meetings.  An average of four (4) to six (6) hours per month reviewing agenda items submitted in the Planning Commission packets.


    Physical ActivitiesThis position primarily conducts business indoors (99%) completing tasks such as reading and reviewing reports, plans and listening to presentations by staff, applicants, and the public. This position requires a lengthy attention span and involves intermittently sitting (90%), walking (5%), and standing (5%).


    Terms of OfficeThe term of office for all Plan Commission members appointed to office subsequent to the expiration of the appointment of an initial appointee shall be for three years. Any vacancy on the Plan Commission shall be filled by appointing a new member to serve for the balance of the unexpired term of the vacancy.

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