Developing in Homer Glen

This section is intended to provide anyone who is planning to develop property within Homer Glen with valuable resources. The aim is to provide information and reference documents that will help you, along with Village Staff assistance, to plan and develop the property under consideration.

Development Review Guide

The Development Review Guide (PDF) details the various processes from variances to land subdivisions for your use and reference. This includes general information, community telephone numbers, and an explanation of the processes for various requests from Planned Unit Developments (PUD) to building permits.

Zoning Map

An updated 2020 Zoning Map (PDF) is available online for your use and reference. This map will help you to determine the zoning of any property in the Village.

Code of the Village of Homer Glen

View an online version of the Village Code, which includes chapters on Zoning, Tree Preservation, Lighting, and Water Resource Management. The online Code allows you the ability to review Village regulations prior to contacting the Village regarding the project you are considering.

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is a plan that guides and shapes the future development of the Village. It was adopted in 2005. The Village of Homer Glen is currently updating it’s Comprehensive Plan and Design Guidelines to provide a renewed vision and strategies to guide growth and development over the next 20 years.  For your use and reference, you may view the project website at this site.

Contact Us

We hope that these links will assist you with your plans to develop in the Village of Homer Glen. If you need any further assistance or want to move forward with your plans, please call us at 708-301-0632 and ask for Planning and Zoning or email us at Homer Glen Zoning Department.