Political Signs

Section 220-1005 of the Village Code

Area and Height Allowance

  1. Total copy (area) of a sign shall not exceed eight (8) square feet in Agricultural and Residential Zoning Districts. 
  2. Total copy (area) of a sign shall not exceed twenty-five (25) square feet in the Government Buildings and Public Schools Zoning District
  3. Total copy (area) of a sign shall not exceed twenty-five (25) square feet in Commercial and Industrial Zoning Districts.
  4. No such sign shall exceed four feet in height above grade. 


  1. The number of yard signs typically allowed by code may be increased equal to the number of candidate positions and proposed referendums that appear in an upcoming election. 
  2. Such temporary signs shall be removed seven days following an election.


  1. No sign or sign structure, unless exempted, shall be attached to a tree, telephone pole or other utility pole or structure. 
  2. No sign shall be affixed to or painted on parkway trees, utility poles, streetlights, or traffic signals. 
  3. No sign shall be erected or located in a public right-of-way except as established and authorized by the public entity having jurisdiction over the right-of-way. 
  4. No sign shall be affixed to fences, except "No Trespassing", "No Parking/Towing", and "Beware of Dog" signs in accordance with all other applicable sections of the code. 
  5. No sign shall be installed within 10 horizontal feet of a conductor or public utility guy wire.
  6. No sign shall interfere with clear vision at or near the intersection of two public streets or the intersection of any driveway and street in an area within the sight triangle, as defined in § 220-808 of the Village Code. 
  7. No signs shall be installed within easements unless specifically designated for a sign.
  8. In addition to all other requirements elsewhere in this article, all temporary signs of any type shall be a minimum of five feet from the nearest property line. 

Updated 02/09/2023